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Second Amendment Zone

Second Amendment Zone 1st Anniversary Raffle

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You are entering a raffle, with the chance to win one of two prizes! The first is a $500 credit toward an AR Pistol, which is enough to get you a barebones setup at no additional cost other than $37.19 for DROS. The SECOND is the same as the first, with a $1000 credit to customize your Single Shot AR Pistol!!!

All proceeds will be donated to the Reel Warriors Foundation, you aren't just getting a REALLY cool prize but you are funding the help of veterans in your community!

The lawyers told me a bunch of stuff about having to be eligible to buy a firearm and all this stuff. If you buy a raffle ticket, and you can't own a gun, we thank you for your donation because..... you aren't getting a gun without paperwork!!

Drawing will be Nov 1, 2021

Determined at checkout.